Click fraud wastes $1 out of every $3 spent on PPC ads. It gets worse when you realize that 95% of paid clicks never convert. Our click fraud protection software stops unwanted clicks to assure your PPC campaigns are converting.

Designed for Google Ads PPC client managers and advertisers looking to maximize their pay-per-click ROI by removing fraudulent, illegitimate and money wasting clicks from campaigns. ClickGUARD automatically detects and reacts to fraudulent activity, preventing any damage and mitigating future threats.

Both powerful and user-friendly, giving marketers the ability to efficiently run secure PPC campaigns regardless of their size ClickGUARD fully integrated with Google's API, for a defensive solution that is compatible with all major platforms in order to boost conversion rates and profit margins by simply implementing out click fraud defensive features.

ClickGUARD was built to be used not only by those experiencing money wasting click fraud, but for every Google Ads / AdWords user demanding transparency, accountability and control over their ad traffic. If you refuse to accept the abusive and costly status quo – ClickGUARD is for you! Our platform can be configured to service any industry vertical that uses Google’s search and display advertising network. We are building a solution designed to take on the growing 16+ billion dollar click fraud problem that plagues the entire PPC advertising industry.

ClickGUARD is set to offer the best ad traffic monitoring and fraud prevention tools for AdWords through highly innovative technology and modern, easy to navigate user-friendly tools that uniquely puts advertisers back in the driver seat. ClickGUARD provides forensic insight and ad traffic control you won’t find anywhere else.

Key Features

  • Automatic IP & Network Blocking
  • Click Fraud Detection
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • IP & Network Forensics
  • Bot & Proxy Detection
  • Visitor Analysis
  • API Access
  • Auto Refund Claims
  • Campaign, AdGroup, Keyword Rules
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Conversion Rules
  • Landing Page Monitoring



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