Your phone system connected to everything.

Make and receive calls from your website, Facebook, phones and CRMs, all in one place.

Toky is combining the latest of telecommunications technology and web, allowing companies of all sizes to have the benefits of a phone system that makes web and regular telephony integrate seamlessly.

In Toky everything is visual remember when you called to a business and you had to listen to all options until you found the one you wanted? Well, with Toky your clients can see where to call before calling.

With no doubt, one of the most innovative benefits for businesses is to convert their website into a tool of direct communication through a call widget. With a simple click, a voice call is established with potential customers. This tends to have an immediate effect in making a sale or providing a real-time support.

What's different in Toky compared to the other cloud telephony players is that’s the first one to build a bridge that connects your website to your phone system. The most efficient way of communicating is still the human voice, so making it easy for potential customers to talk to you is what Toky is aiming for.

We have servers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, to greatly improve your calls quality and at the same time we use industry-standard security protocols in all our calls

"We made a platform that will benefit both, businesses and their customers. We are changing the way customers communicate with their companies and this provides a benefit to both parties."

Key Features

  • A call button for your site
  • Multiple agents
  • Forward your Toky calls to your personal phone number
  • Get a local phone number in more than 60 countries
  • Integrations with CRMs



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