nGUVU offers an employee engagement platform for contact centers. Using game mechanics, recognition & social media concepts, nGAGEMENT influences agents behaviors by leveraging peoples natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status & recognition to build intrinsic motivation & improve employee engagement.

nGAGEMENT is an immersive experience that empowers agents to self-manage and makes it fun for them to accomplish tasks that are at the core of their responsibilities.

Performance | Define and gamify employee performance
In the Performance module, gamification transforms the organization’s daily KPIs into simplified visual representations. Agents have full, real-time visibility on their performance in relation to the company’s objectives, and encourage agents to auto-correct behaviors that positively or negatively influence results.

Leaderboard | Multiple leader-boards that focus on specific KPI's or category based agent performance. Track performance across 15 categories.
The leaderboard is available for all users. Agents can see their ranking and compare their total performance points, or even drill down within a specific KPI, to their colleagues. Supervisors and managers can use the leaderboard to identify performance or coaching opportunities in their teams. The leaderboard can be configured to meet union requirements.

Contests | Encourage and reward strong performance
In just 5 minutes or less,  managers and supervisors can build, schedule, and automate contests in one place. Focus on important KPIs and strategy, and let the platform automate the rest.
Contests incentivize agents to increase performance in specific metrics, but also to perform at an adequate level in order to qualify. This is an engaging way for agents to push themselves on an individual level and to compete against colleagues for the winning prize.

Quizzes | Support company training and monitor employee knowledge

The Quiz feature ensures that the contact center's training or e-learning initiatives are well supported. Managers and supervisors can send occasional or regular quizzes to test understanding of the latest policies or company updates, or send fun, non work-related quizzes to keep agents engaged and earning extra participation points. Quizzes can be multiple-choice, or polls.

Challenges | Boost confidence and focus through friendly competition

Agents can challenge a co-worker to a friendly duel based on a chosen KPI to add fun and competition to their next workday. Watch as agents become focused, collect Performance and nGagement points, earn badges, and win ‘bragging rights’ by being showcased in the live feed.

Sparks | Engage and set goals at an individual level
Managers and Supervisors will use this module to send a gentle push for encouragement and improvement to an agent on their next workday. See if an agent can begin by achieving a 5-10% improvement on a specific KPI, or encourage multiple agents at a time to aim higher on a KPI requiring more focus at that specific moment. Discover opportunities for additional training or performance optimization amongst agents.

Badges & News Feed | Using Games-Mechanics for employee recognition

A combination of intrinsic motivation with concepts from the gaming industry and social media capabilities to recognize agents'  achievements, improved performance, and regular engagement with the platform. Every action completed, every challenge or goal achieved, every contest won, etc. earns Participation points for the agent. With time, agents earn badges in the various performance categories to truly highlight their progress. Agents can view their progress and share achievements in the real-time news feed. Completed Sparks and won Challenges also appear in the news feed. 'Cheer' co-workers on with the thumbs-up feature, and receive nGagement points for it!

Quality | Align employee engagement with Quality of work

The Quality module is used for tracking Quality and customer survey scores. Get date-specific reports on quality results and surverys being randomly received throughout the week, month, or year.  Drill down into each customer service score - higher performance earns more points and gets agents closer to winning badges.

Key Features

  • Measure and track employee engagement - unique point based system
  • Gamify performance and KPI's
  • Automate contests and challenges
  • Create custom agent level performance goals
  • Monitor team and agent quality of work
  • Activate manager console - give your managers better way to engage and motivate call center agents
  • Automate quizzes, tests, and training
  • Align performance, quality, employee engagement and motivation in one platform



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