Customer NPS, Quality assessments, Coaching tool, First Contact resolution and Team engagement - The key activities that drive high levels of customer loyalty and advocacy. Measure and show the value created by service teams and contact centres.

Value created in a contact center is determined by customer conversations. Every conversation has one of three outcomes; the customer leaves, stays or becomes an advocate. Use In-gage to change agent behaviour, reduce churn (up to 30%) and increase sales.
Ensure each and every customer conversation results in a brand advocate not a customer leaving. Shorten the feedback loop from customer surveys and quality teams to help customer service agents improve your call centre.
Implemented in half a day, see agent behaviour start to change within a month, and typically quantifiable business results within 3 months. See the ROI for your call center.
The In-gage native Salesforce app provides REAL-TIME personal dashboards for key roles:

• Instant customer survey feedback on whether good or bad service was given
• First contact resolution rates
• Quality scores
• Personal coaching forms

• Key metrics for team and drill down to specific agent performance
• Net Promotor Score (NPS) highs and lows for specific agents
• Training needs through first contact resolution (FCR) rates
• Quality monitoring exceptions highlighted
• Individual coaching items auto created using configurable thresholds
• Coaching forms for each agent
• Employee engagement scores for the team

• Quantifiable business impact of the customer service teams including:
• Increase in loyalty to give ROI on service
• Customer advocacy
• Customer effort
• Assessment of management effectiveness from engagement levels and performance
• Identify development needs for the management team

• Who needs training on which customer issues
• Who needs behaviour training
• Quality score for each agent

Service improvement:
• Which case types cause customer upset
• Simplify processes causing repeat contacts

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