babelforce is a global communications automation platform, which allows non-developers to self-manage any kind of integrated communications process. You can create and manage almost any business process where calls and communications meet other tools. We empower the people in charge of customer contact strategy to directly implement the multi-system services they need, without the lengthy internal IT projects.

In general, it is easy to set up a CRM or telephone system, or a ticketing solution. What is hard is creating and managing the data and process flows across all these systems. With babelforce you forget technical contraints and leave silos behind. Instead, a non-developer who is close to the business processes in question can create whatever flow is needed and change it at any time.

babelforce is built on top of an established telecommunications platform that processes 100s of millions of transactions per month. Over 40 tier-one carriers and over 300 telecommunications service providers are integrated. babelforce services are deployed in local data centers all over the world: USA & Canada, Latin America, Europe & MEA, APAC.

As an integration platform, babelforce has integrators and pre-built connectors covering every component type used in modern contact centers and sales organisations: CRM, ticketing, BI, ERP, Workforce Management and all kinds of messaging capability. The platform is used to solve any type of problem where communication with customers is needed: customer care, support, debt collection, retention, reactivation, sales.

Key Features

  • Inbound call center routing
  • Automated outbound calls for sales and other processes
  • Greetings, menus and automation in IVR
  • Triggering SMS for notifications and confirmations
  • Using SMS for automation, e.g. sending links and activation codes
  • Recording for financial and contract closure processes
  • Tracking calls and SMS responses to adverts and campaigns
  • Defining data schema and metrics for analysis of calls
  • Automated updates to CRM data from calls and SMS
  • Conversation management for multichannel communications
  • Automated assignment and routing of inbound communications to agents and teams



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€29/per user per month
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