myTrackBuddy is a SaaS platform that tracks events and activities using NFC, QR code or short URL as the primary interface.

Each app will collect log statistics, source location and user submitted data that can be accessed and downloaded from an administrative account for statistical analysis. Users can deploy multiple apps with different tasks to form a work process.

myTrackBuddy is a powerful tool for building an automated process to help run a business or factory locally or across the globe.

Here are some of its applications:

1. Customer Engagement - Store owners can convert ordinary posters and signs into high tech devices, collecting customer inquiries and purchases on-location.

2. Inventory Management - Users can check out or return inventory. The app also notify suppliers automatically when inventory starts to run low.

3. Time Attendance - Users can log hours and provide proof of location for off-site employees, managers can review information in real time.

4. Service Log - Users can access service history and log service activities on-location.

Here are some examples on apps that can be used together to form a process:

1. Managers can provide a better inventory distribution plan by viewing the statistical data of customer inquiries from all stores and inventory availability.

2. Plant managers can shift workers to different production lines based on available inventories, refill requests sent and workers' hours.

3. Plant managers can review service logs and service requests collected to estimate machine availability across production lines.

Key Features

  • Enable office and factory automation in a snap
  • Turn ordinary posters, signs and labels into high-tech devices
  • No hardware or software installation required
  • Each deployment costs just pennies a day
  • Apps can be launched independently or form a process that spans across the globe
  • Monitor field activities in real time
  • Download log data for statistical analysis
  • Use data to improve work process, optimize inventory distribution, track machine reliability and improve field communication
  • Provide "App-Ready SmartTags" for fast mobile deployment
  • Support any type of smart phone with Internet connection



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