Automatically create Excel files from CSVs. No one likes to open CSV files in Excel. Create Excel workbooks for your users to download.

Do you want to offer Excel file downloads?

It is difficult to create Excel files in a program. Most people just offer CSV files. But CSVs have many problems. Many people would love to offer Excel files downloads of data, but don't have the resources to do so.

Use the GoodGrids API to export your data into an Excel spreadsheet. Create beautiful Excel files for your users, and skip the clumsy, error-prone, and inefficient CSV file altogether. It takes minimal programming and the results are stunning.

You can also use GoodGrids to quickly convert CSV to Excel files by hand, optimizing your workflow and saving time.

What problems does GoodGrids solve?

Excel is a key tool in many business processes. A lot of time is dedicated to processing and transforming data from one source to another. Some of this is due to the fact that data is often offered for download in CSV format. People spend countless hours downloading CSVs, opening them in Excel, and fixing formatting and encoding issues.

With GoodGrids, you can set up an example Excel spreadsheet. Then, just upload CSV files and get beautifully formatted Excel workbook files in return.

If you have software that currently offers CSV files for download, you can use the GoodGrids API to create Excel files easily. Your users will be able to download fully formatted Excel workbooks.

Key Features

  • CSV to Excel file conversion
  • Process automation
  • Exporting data to Excel files
  • Zapier integration
  • Manual CSV to Excel conversion
  • API for converting CSV file to Excel
  • Eliminating time wasting repetitious file conversions
  • Avoiding character encoding issues and jumbled text with CSV files
  • Proper date parsing in CSV files
  • Promote brand through data file exports



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