In today’s fast moving digital business environments, information and its management are critical to optimizing operational efficiency, maximizing productivity, and ensuring prudent fiscal management. With the advent of the web’s relentless pressure to provide near instant response, environments must integrate mission critical applications, information management, and web-based content and communication.

Computhink is transforming business environments with an array of integrated digital business solutions. Their Enterprise Content Management system, Contentverse, alleviates overwhelming information input and related office document processes in a secure environment. Access and interaction from any PC, Laptop, Tablet, or smart phone responds to the near-instant response demand. Customers experience accelerated proficiency with minimal impact to ongoing operations.

This is the end of document overload. Searching and organizing files can take far too much time each day. It also slows down your team and lowers company morale. With Contentverse, your team has instant access to what they need. Never lose track of your valuable information again. With features like automatic saving, purging, and archiving, you can focus on what's most important.

Imagine never again having to pull a paper file or search for a document that has been misplaced. On top of that, imagine never having to worry about forgetting the name or location of an electronically filed document. Contentverse instantly finds files in any location by searching for keywords in any document's text. This allows your team to spend their valuable time supporting your customers.

The critical Enterprise Content Management component of your digital infrastructure, Contentverse solutions provide a comprehensive answer to your infrastructure needs.

Key Features

  • Intelligent automated workflow
  • Batch scan processing
  • Familiar Office-style interface
  • Double layered encryption
  • Full text search and Database lookup
  • Annotations and Comments
  • Web Access option
  • Audit trail
  • Direct integration with MS Office
  • Direct scan and drag-and-drop input options
  • Email notifications for workflow
  • Flexible, password-protected redactions




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