Propel’s modern cloud software makes it easy for everyone to define, update and share product changes from the beginning of product development all the way to product usage. And because Propel is built on Salesforce, it’s highly configurable, reliable and scalable.
If you deal with partners, customers and multiple departments to develop and launch products, we make your development, sales and service simpler. Propel can help you intelligently roll out all types of product changes with your employees, partners and customers.
Propel helps you collaborate on all types of product updates, so even the most demanding customers will love you and your products. Propel helps capture the most essential part of your products – what your customers want. From a community of ideas to specific customer requests, you can use our modern software to determine how your products meet your customer requirements.
Propel is seamlessly integrated to Salesforce, making it easy to share product updates with customers, partners and all employees involved in the development and launch process. And as you go through the product development and launch process, you can also see how your product pipeline is shaping up and whether you’re on target to meet your revenue goals.
Propel’s flexible lifecycles allow you to manage all types of product content uniquely. Software can go through stages like Test, Alpha, Beta and Released, while Collateral and Specifications can go through stages like Draft, Approved, and Obsolete. Also, depending on the lifecycle phase, you can define how open or controlled you want the change process to be. Items in an Initial stage can be changed without any approval process, whereas a Datasheet in the Approved stage requires a revision change if a specific field needs to be updated.
Propel is a modern cloud system, so you can do everything on any device, any browser, and any operating system. You can drill into dashboards, do Where Used, and view threaded discussions — all on your phone.
Propel offers an extensible solution, so you can easily configure the application to do what you want. You can capture prototype tests, tooling runs or test results – without having to custom extensions or code. With Propel, you can simply create new fields, new custom objects or tailored workflows. And everything can be done by yourself and is completely upgradeable.

Key Features

  • Customer-centric capabilities: Manage all the product data that matter to your customers
  • Fast deployment: Start using Propel’s modern and robust cloud software in just weeks
  • Highly flexible: Capture any type of product data or business process
  • Easy collaboration: Securely share product updates with customers, partners and employees
  • World-class innovation platform: Scalable for any size of business or type of industry



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