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Founded in 2011, Ubermetrics refines and filters public information from online and offline sources to help companies optimize business decisions and performance in PR, marketing, and supply chain management. We’ve spent the past five years developing technology to harness the power of public data so our users can quickly identify opportunities and react to customer needs and fast-changing markets.
Our scalable technology platform handles multiple languages and processes data from more than 400 million sources in real-time. That’s why companies like BMW, Deloitte, DHL, Microsoft, Randstad, Danone, Roland Berger, and Burson-Marsteller rely on Ubermetrics to inform their most critical business decisions.
Massive amounts of valuable public information – documents, tweets, blogs, news – is produced every minute. The challenge for most companies is systematically evaluating it to gain valuable insights about customers, products, competition, and suppliers. The flood of input from multiple, unstructured public information streams is overwhelming. How can you change the challenge of information overload into an opportunity? Ubermetrics has the answer.
_Locate the communication that matters to you
Ubermetrics Delta uses proprietary algorithms to analyze virality based on the number of links,
retweets, and comments. It visualizes content spread across media segments so that you can
quickly spot content that matters. Our unique measurement techniques help customers gauge
the importance and influence of content, enabling them to optimize marketing and PR activities
and spot critical communication for supply chain management and lead generation.
_Many sources, one view
Access data from a variety of sources from a single view, complete with an easy-to-use visual
experience. Integrate external and internal data to enrich your analytics processes and provide a
more comprehensive perspective.
_One Big Data solution for your business challenges
Although many companies have experience in using internal data for business intelligence
and operational guidances, very few are able to harness the power of public information
streams. Inconsistent formats and types and massive volumes present an enormous challenge.
Building the capabilities to collect and analyze massive and continuous streams of information
arriving from a variety of sources in disparate formats is no easy feat. Ubermetrics is your Big
Data-as-a-Service provider that addresses all information challenges from open sources in one
solution according to strict data protection policies.


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