DealSafe is a cloud based contract management and administration platform to centralize and organize all types of contracts and agreements. Fund raising, loan documentation, lease agreements, employment contracts, service agreements, license agreements, non-disclosures, vendor agreements, contractor agreements, sales contracts, work orders, etc.

We also allow you to upload all ancillary documentation along with the contract so you have all the history and background in one place (sales contract, invoices, proposals, pricing and costing worksheets, etc).

Key data from contracts is parsed and digitized for quick search, analytics, reporting and automated alerts. We provide multiple avenues for uploading documents one at a time or in bulk including a dedicated email address and integrations with partner solutions: Salesforce, DocuSign, EchoSign and RightSignature.

Our preset templates and terms make the process easy to get started. The terms and templates can be customized to your needs - create your own templates and define any term important to you. Our full service option DealSafe Experts will extract your data into templates making the process painless, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

The data is extracted and reviewed by our team of experts and then sent to you for approval before being activated in the system. Advanced permissions allow you to grant access to employees and partners allowing them to view or edit only the information you allow - ideal for financial and HR audits, M&A transactions, fund raising, and sales reviews. Never miss an obligation or opportunity due to employee turnover, loss of contracts, technology upgrades, or lack of organiztion.

Key Features

  • Automated alerts
  • Digitized data
  • Preset and customize templates
  • DealSafe Expert data extraction
  • Unique email address and partner integrations for ease of upload
  • Advanced permissions
  • Analytics suite
  • Centralized and searchable repository



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