Capstera is a business-friendly business architecture solution and capability modeling software. Capstera enables firms to define capabilities, capture capability semantics, draft value streams, compose process models, add subject areas/data entities, capture enterprise information and generate lenses and heat maps. Basically, all the basic components of the business architecture and capability modeling.

Capstera is an intuitive and integrated business architecture solution and capability modeling tool that spans the breadth of elements included in best-in-class business architecture solution and offers the depth to drill down and meet the rigorous requirements of expert practitioners. Business architecture was done for the business for IT and the software were complex, cumbersome, and costly. Capstera changed all this. Capstera, an easy to use, cloud-based and inexpensive tool enables companies to model capabilities, draft value streams and process, draft business motivation and strategy, and capture a veritable treasure of enterprise information to associate with other entities.

Founded by practitioners of business architecture and based on methodologies implemented and validated in real client situations, our solutions are perfect for firms who are currently managing their capabilities and other models using generic office productivity solutions.

You can get started with Capstera immediately with a cloud-based SAAS solution. However, if you need enterprise installation, Capstera can install behind your firewall.

Key Features

  • Capstera is not an IT widget, it is a Business Transformation Tool
  • business architecture and capability mapping solution
  • business architecture tool
  • Customizable Operating Models
  • Generic Value Stream Models
  • Business Architecture Framework
  • Business Architecture Training Methodology
  • Business Architecture Set up and Implementation
  • Multi-year Product and Platform Roadmaps
  • Current State Business Architecture Audit
  • Business Architecture Readiness Assessment



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