As a web agency, we always had trouble finding a tool to fully explain the business potential that SEO brings to clients... so we made Morningscore

Morningscore is in the process of becoming an all-in-one SEO tool, designed to measure Return-on-investment on SEO in $ and compare your ranking to competitors. This constantly improving platform is here to help you make sense of SEO.

After you have made your account, the first section that greets you shows the Morningscore - a value designed to show how much your SEO is worth compared to the money you would otherwise have to spend on SEM. You can also see a graph of how your Morningscore changes over time and how it compares to your competitors.

The next section offers an overview of your Keywords, Links, Traffic, and On-site Health.

For the keywords you can see:
• The landing page for each of your keywords
• The searches they get per month
• What your rank for them,
• How much traffic they bring you
• How much each of them ads to your current Morningscore
• Keywords we recommend you start tracking and how much value they will bring you

With Links, you get an overview of:
• You overall/global link rank
• The total amount of links you have
• Links you recently lost
• Links you recently gained
• A graph showing you changes over time and showing you how you compare to your competitors

In the Traffic view, you can see:
• How much traffic you and your competitors get per month
• The change in your traffic for the month
• A graph showing your traffic over time and comparing it to your competitors
• Your SEO traffic potential if your ranked #1 for your top 20 keywords
• A graph comparing your share of traffic for the selected keywords with your competitors

Then we have the mission section, where you can select and track your SEO missions, which can range from onboarding inside the tool to links, keywords and onsite. You can also see how much ROI these missions would generate for you if you manage to complete them.

We also have an ever-expanding roster of guides and blog posts that will help you in your SEO ventures, or you could just write us to chat about how your SEO is going!

Key Features

  • All-in-one SEO tool
  • SEO value explained in $
  • Tracking SEO activities
  • Analyze competitors
  • Keyword rankings
  • Google health check
  • Total link overview
  • SEO missions
  • Link rank tracking



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