Testnetic combines test case management with bug tracking into a simple, effective and affordable solution for those developing software applications or any IT project. Testnetic was designed from the ground up as a web-enabled application to support geographically dispersed teams.

It was developed with the needs of both testing and development teams in mind recognising that the closer the integration of the two components the more effective the team. It reflects the the lifecycle of applications development.

Testnetic has a logical, clean but still powerful user interface that is idea for both testers and developers alike.

More specifically:
1. Create test cases defines the process of testing and subsequently articulates the criteria for a pass or a fail. This can be enhanced with attached documents, screen grabs and comments
2. Perform tests as outlined in the test case again the set criteria. Record both test passes and failures. Failed tests are automatically assigned to the backlog.
3. Add issues that are not related to a test. Issues are frequently User Interface related rather than software development related.
4. Curate the backlog (which maybe done with an Agile methodology) assigning work to particular developers with clear indications of severity, priority and what the issue is.
5. Developers can subsequently reassign activities to be retested.

A good product and price point alone are not sufficient. Testnetic have a genuine commitment to support our clients, quickly and comprehensively with videos, knowledgebase and one to one support.

Key Features

  • Test case management
  • Issue tracking
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Workflow management
  • Support multiple testing techniques
  • Powerful collaboration
  • Extensive knowledgebase
  • Support of multiple testing techniques
  • Alerts and notifications of status changes
  • Support for multiple projects by 1 user



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