QARA (Quality Assurance with Rapid Automation) a product by The Digital Group is an integrated platform that supports both Manual and Automated Test Case Management. Its functionalities include - declarative, no-scripting, no-coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution along with built-in reporting capabilities. QARA also supports testing with Angular JS, BrowseEmAll, and BrowserStack giving users the ease of handling tests using just one platform.

Begin automating tests in less than three days:
User-friendly, straightforward and effortless are the three words that precisely describe QARA’s user interface. In addition to the simple design, what makes it so easy to use is its zero coding framework.

70% reduction in regression testing cycle time:
QARA stands for Quality Assurance with Rapid Automation. As the name suggests, to ensure improved speed, quality and cost optimization, the tool has built-in parallel/grid execution, multi-browser and multi-platform testing capabilities. These capabilities empower engineers to detect bugs at the early stages of the test cycles. Furthermore, it saves testing efforts, helps build a leaner QA team while widening the test coverage. All these factors contribute in reducing the regression testing cycle time by as much as 70%.

60% effort reduction compared to manual testing:
As the scope of a project expands, regression testing requirements, bug tracking and other checks can go out of control. Moreover, insufficient number of skilled testers can lead to a declining quality of testing and incomplete test coverage. QARA eliminates all these insufficiencies. It’s intuitive record and playback feature lets you create automation test cases in minutes. It significantly boosts productivity so that testers can spend more time exploring test scenarios rather than writing them. This approach significantly increases test coverage which leads to high quality testing and reliable builds. Using QARA leads to a 60% reduction in effort as compared to manual testing, making it an ideal tool for test automation.

Key Features

  • Cross-browser, cross-platform support
  • A zero coding test automation tool
  • Complete test management
  • Click. Record. Repeat.
  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Integration with a popular bug tracking tool



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