With LambdaTest, you can seamlessly test your public or locally hosted website or web app across 1400+ different browsers, browser versions, operating systems, and resolutions. With our platform, you can make sure that your customers get pixel perfect experience no matter from which device they access your website.

* Perform Real-Time testing on 1400+ desktop & mobile browsers on cloud
* Interactively test and debug on live remote browsers
* Execute Resolution Display Testing and auto-generate Screenshots across multiple devices.
* Perform smart UI testing on cloud
* Log & highlight errors instantly with inbuilt Issue Tracker & Image Editor
* Share your bug with one click bug logging on Jira, Slack, Asana, and Trello.

We are going to revolutionize automation testing, performance testing, and much more.

Who is it for?
All web application and website owners and development organizations can benefit from our product. Our product is especially useful for Software-as-a-Service based products, e-commerce websites, user interface and user experience developers, internet-based businesses, and web designers and developers.

LmabdaTest Technologies: LambdaTest is a microservice architecture based startup using Angular JS, HTML, CSS, and javascript for the frontend and NodeJS, Python and Java for backend development. We are using different CI&CD tools like Jenkins and Kubernetes along with Github for code management. For video streaming, we are using WebRTC and Guacamole. LambdaTest also uses some other advanced technologies like Kafka, Logstash, Docker, Elastisearch, Kibana and Web Sockets, etc.

Key Features

  • Cross Browser Testing tool
  • Cross browser testing online
  • Live Interactive Browser Testing
  • cross browser compatibility online
  • responsive web design testing tool



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