Finario provides the first cloud-based solution to unify capital planning and establish a single source of truth across the investment lifecycle, from capital planning and budgeting to post-completion review. The world’s leading enterprises use Finario to improve Capex reporting, accelerate decision making and deploy capital strategically to gain an edge in today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Industries that Finario serves include real estate, manufacturing, mining, consumer products, food & beverage, retail, healthcare, transportation and more. Finance and Accounting professionals, as well as those in IT, Operations and Engineering benefit greatly from Finario’s powerful capital project collaboration and communication capabilities.

Finario’s cloud-based application has been designed from the ground up to manage Capex exclusively, in accordance with today’s best practices. As a SaaS app, Finario can be used across connected devices, allowing teams to make important Capex decisions on the go. Limited training is needed to get up and running, and the system can be administered without help from IT.

Our RESTful API makes it easy to integrate with the most common enterprise systems whether on-premise or in the cloud, including ERP, EPM, Project Management and Fixed Assets applications. Finario also allows to you to integrate with your identify and access management (IAM) or SSO system to efficiently manage user access and administration consistent with your existing enterprise policies and procedures.

Key Features

  • enterprise capital planning
  • capital portfolio planning
  • capital budgeting
  • Capex request & approval
  • capital project forecasting
  • Capex reporting & analytics
  • enterprise systems integration
  • cross device
  • collaborative
  • SOC-certified
  • secure



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