ReviewPete is a customer review and reputation management software that makes it super easy to get more reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We’ve created a simple to use, super affordable, review generation tool that will put you in control of your online reputation. Easily send the good reviews to Google and the bad reviews to your inbox.

Get more reviews for your business now and avoid bad reviews altogether. Review Pete is the best Customer Reviews Generation and Reputation Management software for local businesses.

What does Review Pete do / Key Features?

1 -Get Reviews for your Business: let's face it. Getting positive reviews is one of the most important brand-building tactics out there. If you are not getting reviews for your website then you are missing out huge. Review Pete makes it ridiculously easy to get customer reviews for your business

2 - Get reviews on Facebook, Yelp & Google: When it comes to building brand reputation, especially for local businesses, there are no better sites then Yelp, Google, and Facebook. More than 90% of your prospective customers will read your review on any or all of these websites. ReviewPete automates the entire process of getting reviews on any of these websites.

3 - Avoid Negative Reviews: One negative review will look bad even if you have 10's of positive reviews. ReviewPete not only helps you in generating positive reviews for your business but also helps in avoiding bad reviews altogether. With our intelligent review gathering software, we will redirect all bad reviews to your inbox, not on Yelp, Google or Facebook. This ensures that only positive review makes it to the public profiles, giving a boost to your overall reputation.

4 - Email Drip campaign: ReviewPete has completely automated the process of getting reviews for the local business. Just enter or upload contact details of your customers, and it will automatically send them emails and SMS, asking for the review. Didn't respond to the first email, no worries, you can add up to 2 follow-up emails.

5- SMS Notification: Sometimes getting noticed in the email inbox can be tough. With our SMS notification service, your customer not only will receive review generation email but also a message, straight into their mobile Inbox.

6 - Manage all customers and Reviews: With the intuitive dashboard and app interface, manage all your customers and reviews like a pro. See how customers are interacting with your emails and the reviews they are leaving for your business.

Why should you care about getting reviews for your business?

- Consumers will spend over 30% more on a business that has positive reviews
- 72%of consumers trust local businesses more if there are positive reviews
- For every star a business gets on a review, they can expect 5-9% revenue Increase

Why should you avoid negative reviews?

- It causes 22% of consumers to avoid your business
- 86%of shoppers will reconsider buying from a business that has negative online reviews
- Negative reviews found in google search results can cause a 70% loss of potential customers

Key Features

  • Reputation Management
  • Reputation Management Software
  • Review Generation Software
  • Testimonial generation software
  • Customer testimonials software
  • Yelp Review Software
  • Facebook Review Software
  • Google Review Software
  • Reviews Generation Software



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