Propago allows Commercial Printers, Multi-location Businesses and Marketers to Better Manage, Distribute, and Personalize Marketing Materials. Propago is a Marketing Asset Management solution also known as web to print platform that allows brands to share branded marketing materials with those in charge of promoting the brand.

Propago allows brands to bring all their marketing assets (print, promo, apparel, digital) under a single online repository accessible to field agents (sales, franchisees, affiliates) while giving administrators total control over the brand, budget and inventory. Settings dictate what products users can see, how much they can order and what creative elements they can modify. With a set of web-to-print, production, and warehousing tools, brands can streamline their entire marketing supply chain.

Propago’s marketing portals handle anything your brand may appear on, from: printable assets, digital files, promotional products, and apparel to more complex personalized brochures and kits. Granular settings allow administrators to configure branding controls, spending limits, user rights, reporting and much more, enabling end users easy access to all your branded materials from anywhere in the world.

Propago works for everyone. If you are a producer of print, promotional items or apparel, Propago will allow you to offer a cutting edge platform to your current and future clients. If you are a marketing agency, Propago allows you to offer your clients a powerful marketing portal and help connect them to vendors of your or their choice. If you are ANY company that has marketing collateral and people that need to access those materials, Propago is the last platform you will need.

Let's say you are a marketer of a chain of banks and your company is growing fast. That’s great news. The challenge is keeping up with the growth. Managing design production, branding, manufacturing and fulfillment of marketing communication materials can become a nightmare. With all this growth, you invest on multiple technologies and out-source your entire marketing program to different vendors and suppliers. Nothing connects and you end up with analytics and reports contradicting views of your company’s needs and opportunities. If this is the case, you need Propago.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Marketing portals
  • Powerful web to print engine
  • Handles Print on Demand, VDP, JIT, Inventory pulls and Direct Mail Workflows.
  • Handles Print, Promo, Apparel, Direct Mail, Digital Assets, Kits, Bundles
  • Branding controls
  • Budgetary controls
  • Warehouse management system
  • Inventory controls
  • Fulfillment engine
  • Responsive and intuitive design
  • Access analytics and reporting in real time



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