Pobuca Loyalty


Pobuca Loyalty-Build Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Pobuca Loyalty is a platform that develops and grows repeat customers. It enables you to identify customers in all sales and marketing channels, map their journey, engage with them by using an omni-channel strategy, reward loyalty and predict future buying behaviors.

Key Characteristics:

-Enhance Customer Experience:
Get a 360° view of customer profiles using data collected from all types of sales and marketing channels. Take advantage of our machine-learning algorithms that score and segment customers to maximize their experience throughout the customer journey.

-Increase Engagement:
Target the right customer with the right message at the right time via personalized campaigns. Choose the best channel - email, text message, push notification & Chat Bot - craft your campaign and gain insights into its effectiveness via detailed reports.

- Boost Loyalty:
Implement your loyalty strategy end-to-end according to your own business needs. Offer incentives, such as ‘extra points’ or ‘refer a friend’ and reward your loyal customers, for both sales actions and marketing interactions, with digital coupons, discounts and gifts.

-Gain Insights:
Review the progress of the loyalty program through monthly KPIs that measure sales and reward transactions. Gain insights into campaign execution, personalized website analytics and survey statistics. Predict customers’ next steps and fine-tune future actions to achieve your goals.

Key Features

  • Customer Database with profiling
  • Surveys
  • Website Analytics
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Customer Scoring
  • Insights & Reporting
  • Digital Coupons
  • Connectivity with external systems
  • Member Management
  • Customer Service
  • Consulting Services
  • Private cloud / On premise installation



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