MyOnlineReputationManager is an effective solution to monitor and be notified of reviews about your business on major review websites. It helps you capture feedbacks, publish positive reviews and filter out negative ones.

How it works

• Active monitoring: This allows you to access all reviews and feedback posted online about your business, even on the sites you were not aware of, immediately.
• Review verification: Our online reputation services help you verify reviews posted on different platforms. We identify spam reviews and fake content and request their removal.
• Publishing permission: With our online reputation management services, we seek every customer’s permission to publish their positive reviews and testimonials. You can then publish these on your preferred review platforms.
• Improved ratings: After thorough research, we identify the review portals with most relevance for your business and automatically publish positive customer reviews to them. You can at any time add or discard any review you find unsuitable.
• Suppression of negatives: We find websites containing negative reviews about your business and improve your rating instantly by pushing positive reviews on them.

If you are not tracking what is being said online about your brand, you are at a risk of suffering the damaging effects of a negative online reputation. Take control of your online reputation and grow your business by managing your online presence, reach and customer reviews. In order to do all this, you either need more time in the day (which you probably don’t have) or a simple tool to do it for you.

Key Features

  • Monitoring online reviews
  • Capturing customer feedback
  • Publishing reviews



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