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Designer Toolkit was designed, developed and is run by team of designers and developers with a goal of helping our peers and make their lives easier by solving some of the annoyances that we have found working on projects with clients. We have developed a suite a products to help solve these problems and the first one to launch is Branding Guide.
Branding Guide allows you to manage and store brand assets for unlimited brands. You can store logos and all file types, colours, fonts, photography, icons plus much more.
We built Branding Guide to be quick and effective. Many other brand asset management tools we sampled took a long while to set up, making you create pages and style them before even uploading the assets. Once you had uploaded assets, some simply displayed them rather than allowing you to work with and use them. Branding Guide can get your brand live in one minute. It displays your assets in a modern and legible way that is also functional, allowing you to seamlessly use them in your design process.
A few examples of this functionality are that you can upload all file types for logos that are available to download individually or as a zip from the front end. Colours can be input and automatically generate relevant colour codes. From the front end you can copy these at the click of a button.
We will be releasing extra features on a regular basis to store and use icon sets, photography, document templates plus many more.
Our other products will compliment Branding Guide and offer discounts for multi product subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Unlimited brands
  • Store and share brand assets
  • Store logos and all file types
  • Store and use colour codes
  • Store and download fonts
  • Store icon sets
  • Store brand photography
  • Store document templates
  • White label system
  • Public or private brands
  • Add collaborators to edit your brand



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