Awario is a social media and web monitoring tool that lets business track mentions of their brand, competitors, marketing campaigns, or anything else online, in real time. Presently, Awario monitors Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, and the web at large (including news sites, blogs, and forums), crawling 13 billion web pages daily. With Awario, you can identify industry influencers, engage with customers on social media, tackle negative reviews, see what people are saying about your competitors, analyze progress in the number and reach of your mentions, and report on these stats to your colleagues or clients.

Awario has an advanced Boolean search mode that lets you set up laser-precise queries. The tool also analyzes your mentions by location, language, and sentiment, giving you detailed infographics in its dashboard. Awario's email alerts deliver the latest mentions straight to your inbox, daily or weekly.

Awario's upcoming Leads module will also let you find potential customers on social media who are looking for a product or service like yours. The process is super simple: you feed a few phrases describing your product into the tool, along with the names of your main competitors. Awario will then combine these keywords with predictive insights, and give you a list of targeted leads who are asking for recommendations on a product like yours or complaining about a competitor. Time to take action: go on and reply to these posts with your offer! And of course, don't forget to be nice ;)

Key Features

  • social media monitoring
  • reputation management
  • social listening
  • social media reporting
  • social selling
  • brand monitoring
  • campaign monitoring
  • influencer marketing
  • competitive intelligence
  • social customer care



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