We have two products “Heallify Doctors” for Healthcare Professionals/Clinics and “Heallify” which acts as a personal health companion for patients care.
Heallify’s USP is its integrated platform; we have integrated Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Telemedicine, Appointment Booking and Chronic Disease Management into one app. Today lot of platform in the market provides a differentiated solution so this discourages healthcare professionals/doctor to use a lot of different application at the same time. Our integrated approach will help them to centralize their operations in one place and help them to provide the better healthcare experience to their patients.
Get the prescription provided by a doctor to your app seamlessly. You can also add your old medical records which will help you to manage your complete medical history anytime anywhere!
Heallify allows patient with chronic conditions like Diabetes or Cardiac Problem or Kidney Problem to track key vitals. The vitals can be shared with your doctor in one click.
Video consultation technology doctor can provide care to the patients from a distance. The goal of video consultation is to provide On-Demand Care.Video consultation can be used by doctors to get the second opinion.
you can search doctor with the doctor name or clinic name or specialization and book appointment in lightning speed
Patients can easily view their past appointment summaries, including their entire list of allergies, medications, and lab results.

Key Features

  • Practice Management
  • Electronic Health Record Management
  • Chronic Patient Management
  • Telemedicine Feature
  • Hospitals Management softwrae
  • Appointments Management



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