At EffortlessLegal we build automation software for the legal industry. Our apps work with existing billing and practice management software – we add the automation! Whether it's new client intake, billing, LEDES coding or budget monitoring, we offer a full suite of automation solutions for law firms and legal professionals.

Our products:


LEDESConvert easily converts LEDES 1998B invoices into LEDES 2000 format. With LEDESConvert, all you have to do is upload your invoice, fill in the fields required for the new format, and then our app will do the rest!


Automated Intake Process: Easily send confidential links to potential clients to fill out your interview forms online, saving time, money, and paperwork for everyone!

Sign Up Clients From Your Website: Personalize a website address you want to use to interview potential clients who visit your website!

Automated Conflict Checks: Automatically conduct conflict checks with your practice management system.

EffortlessLegal takes security seriously.

Our systems are regularly checked and certified by security experts. Contact us if you would like a copy of the latest report.

Like most quality online systems, all of your data with our app is encrypted both “in transit" and “at rest." In other words, all transmissions to and from the EffortlessIntake app, and all items stored in our app, are all encrypted using at least 256-bit SSL certificates, providing strong “bank-grade" security.

As an additional and unique security measure, all of your confidential data is locked up with a separate “application level" encryption key. This means that, even if hackers are somehow able to penetrate our various security measures, the hackers will still not be able to read your confidential information.

Key Features

  • Automated new client intake with Clio integration.
  • Easily converts LEDES 1998B invoices into LEDES 2000 format.



Pricing model:

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