Serverless360 is a one platform tool to manage and monitor Azure resources related to Serverless services. Serverless360 is built keeping one thing in mind “How best we can solve the challenges of Azure Serverless services”. Our goal is to make life easy for anyone who is using Azure Serverless services. In real time scenario, the integrated cloud applications are not built with a single technology stack, it typically involves at least 3 or 4 different Azure Services. Currently, Azure Portal is designed more on vertical technology silos and it's difficult to visualize and manage such connected solutions.

Microsoft has built excellent tooling around different technologies. Today, everything is available in one place – the Azure Portal, which is great and helps to manage complex solutions. However, this brings in its own challenges when it comes to management of distributed solutions. Hundreds of small, discrete serverless functionalities are scattered in various places – managing and operating such solutions is complex.

Serverless360 will help you to manage and monitor all your distributed Azure Services from one place. It provides efficient tooling that is not and likely to be not available in Azure Portal. With Serverless360 you can;

1. Manage Serverless Applications
2. Get in-depth tooling support
3. Monitor distributed Azure Services
4. Maintain high-level Security
5. Get governance and audit reports
6. Choose your hosting model - SaaS and Private Hosting

Key Features

  • Composite Applications to manage and monitor Serverless integration solutions
  • DeadLetter message processing
  • Download, repair, resubmit and delete messages
  • Schedule messages and events to automate bulk messaging
  • Extensive Serverless monitoring for complete integration solution
  • Monitoring based on resources properties and metrics
  • Alert notifications via email, PagerDuty, Slack, ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams and more
  • Grant the right level of access with role based user access policy
  • Governance and audit report for Who accessed What, When, and Why
  • Choice of hosting - SaaS and Private Hosting
  • Out of the box stop alerts during maintenance window
  • Detect failures for Azure serverless services like Logic Apps, Functions and others



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