GetBadges is a gamification platform for IT teams. Our mission is creating a game that increases productivity, engagement and fun at work.

GetBadges is an event based machine. Smart algorithm process real data from project management and software development tools like Jira, Bitbucket and HipChat and turn them into a game.

How to start?

First, please register on our platform and create your game. After that you can connect your Atlassian tools and start playing!

Who trust us?

We have now over 2000 registered companies from all the world. The industries with the lowest job satisfaction in IT (like finance, banking, government, manufacturing and retail) gets the most benefits out of GetBadges platform.

Get your team motivated by giving them points thanks to a smart game algorithm. We analyze hundreds of teams and know what are problems for motivating people.

Every activity from your teams is displayed in real time activity board like Facebook wall. The main goal is inside is the monster quest - the only way to slay the monster is doing your work better.

Now you can see your team and project progress in a dashboard mede especially for large screens. Show what your teammates should focus on and make project development more fun and exciting.

Our mission is become global leader for gamification SaaS apps like Trello, Slack etc.


We know that motivation of people fall down and sometimes money rewards are not possible/guarantee good work. We want to create a productive and motivated workforce for small and medium companies, thanks to turning workplace into a game.

When you set your KPI's, smart algorithms prepares a game that will make your workforce do their work with much more excitement.

Key Features

  • SaaS activity tracker
  • TV screen dashboard
  • Leaderboard and badges
  • Custom KPI's and monsters



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