elmah.io is a cloud based error logger and management tool for .NET web applications. Based on the de-facto standard error component ELMAH, logging errors from your webserver requires nothing more than installing a NuGet package. We support both ELMAH as well as popular .NET logging frameworks like log4net, NLog and Serilog.

When installed, all exceptions on your webservers will automatically be synced to elmah.io’s powerful infrastructure based on Elasticsearch and Windows Azure. Everything from full-text to time-based searches fly at supersonic speed. We integrate with Slack, HipChat, GitHub and more to help integrate error management into your workflow.

Here are some testimonials from our users:

By collecting all error logs in one place, elmah.io has given us a much better insight into our applications. We use it all the way from the development to production environments and by doing so it's hard not to catch errors before they go live. A huge plus is that it works with any popular logging framework and isn't limited to ELMAH. Getting started is easy and adds no development overhead - it just works. If it for whatever reason doesn't, then the support is very quick to reply and happy to help.

We use elmah.io across all our projects at The Cogworks. We became familiar with it when one of our existing projects was causing us performance issues. Trawling through our application and IIS logs we had found nothing of note but when we installed elmah.io it opened up a whole new window to our site code base. We soon found the problem and all was fixed. Now after working with it on an ongoing basis, what we really like is the slack integration that acts like an early warning system. Now it’s a case of how did we ever live without it?

Keeping track of issues in a micro-service architecture can be tricky, but elmah.io makes it easy for us by providing a centralized dashboard with real time stats for our multiple apps. When we see issues pop up, being able to quickly see how recurrent a particular error is over time with elmah.io's graphs help us identify urgency. We've never had uptime issues with the SaaS offering and are overall very happy with elmah.io and the level of support.

Key Features

  • Error logging and management for .NET web applications



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