With the Clobbi.Recruitment you can:
- Manage the recruitment business processes through all stages
- Add the best applicants from recruitment sites to your database in a couple of clicks
- Integrate the ATS system with your website
- Quickly announce information about open positions on social networks and recruitment sites
- Easily and securely store all the information about the applicants, vacancies, and interviews in the Microsoft Azure.

Clobbi.Recruitment is a part of fully-functional ERP system, so it has integration with HR functions of Clobbi.ERP. Also, it can be integrated with the most contemporary SaaS services.

Clobbi.Recruitment makes the whole recruitment process faster and easier than before. You can attract huge pools of highly skilled and qualified individuals and filter them based on your preferences (certifications, skill levels, education, location, etc.) with ease and speed. Gathering and parsing resumes from top sources such as popular job boards, social networks, and employment portals are blazingly fast, eliminating the need to manually go over each resume and assess your applicants’ qualifications individually.

While there are standard procedures for interviewing and examining applicants, some positions do require a more custom approach such as specific interviews and tests. With Clobbi.Recruitment, you can modify the stages of interviews as well as use specific sets of tests and questionnaires to suit certain positions and job openings. Tailoring your interviews and tests to suit your needs and requirements is very effortless.

Integration with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and VK not only simplifies the announcements of your vacancies and job openings, it also widens the reach of your job posts, reaching qualified candidates that traditional recruitment materials such as actual posters, classified ads, emails, and others just can’t do. Candidates who respond to your ads will find it easy to fill in necessary details and submit their resumes without having to open their email and create an application letter.

Clobbi.Recruitment guarantees the security and safety of your data, thanks to Microsoft Azure, the world’s most secure cloud platform. Scalability is not a problem as well, since Clobbi.Recruitment is part of the Clobbi ERP Suite. That means you can start using Clobbi’s other solutions such as HR record management, payroll, support of legislation changes, workflow and much more without having to heavily tweak and modify your existing system and workflows.

Key Features

  • Assessments
  • Background Screening
  • Candidate Management
  • Internal HR
  • Interview Management
  • Onboarding
  • Resume Search
  • Resume Parsing



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