Upinion is a service available to businesses and organisations looking to set a new standard for their market research and customer engagement. Upinion uses messaging app conversations to do market research, offering a free and easy-to-use platform around the world.

We live in a hyper-connected age, but market research is stuck in the 20th century. Ninety-five per cent of businesses still use traditional one-off surveys to connect to their customers. They send them out and hope for the best, even though the response rates are terrible.

That’s where Upinion comes in. It works like a messaging app, turning research questions into interactive conversations.
It’s playful, easy to use, and endlessly adjustable. Backed by a network of Certified Partners, businesses can now harness the power of mobile to get their market research done quickly and painlessly.

Imagine having your customers sitting next to you, answering your questions whenever you need ?
That is the power of Upinion

Have on-going conversations: Ask questions to and get immediate answers from thousands of people simultaneously. Jump into conversations whenever you want to find out more. Get your answers in real time.

Get insights within minutes: Tap into groups whenever you need them, and get to know your respondents better and better over time.

Dig deeper and adapt: Answers are instantly transformed into boardroom-ready stats and data.
Get info on the go and stay ahead of the competition.

Key Features

  • Mobile Research
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Instant Insight
  • Market Research
  • HR Research
  • Polling
  • Loyalty Studies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Feedback platform
  • Survey



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