See which marketing channels are yielding the most actual results. Don't guess or infer from visits and traffic, instead know for certain where your best customers come from. Connect purchases, registrations, leads directly to traffic sources and focus your time on marketing that drives results.

Too often marketers rely on metrics and data directly from traffic sources such as ad networks or social sites looking at things such as pageviews or total clicks. Instead of using the data from the traffic sources, attribution allows you to use the actual business metrics that you're trying to create: registrations, purchases, new leads, etc. In this way you can easily identify which marketing channels are actually producing the events you want, instead of building traffic and hoping they eventually convert.

Attribution can be used for any type of business and for any type of desired user behavior. Some common examples:
E-Commerce: Easily optimize your marketing to drive sales instead of lots of traffic that might never purchase.
Enterprise: Analyze your marketing channels to create the most qualified leads instead of building a brand audience that never engages.
SaaS: Get traffic that signs up for accounts and starts their free trials

Key Features

  • Easy to use, self-service attribution modeling
  • Clear, concise results with no configuration
  • Works with all of your existing UTM tags
  • Full view into exactly what every user is doing, their full path through your site
  • Easily experiment with various attribution models
  • Ethical and privacy-friendly tracking: no permacookies or other black-hat analytics



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