Ideanote is an ideation management tool which allows companies to smoothly collect and qualify ideas from their entire organisation. It saves valuable time whilst ensuring all ideas reach the management levels. Ideanote is a simple and easy to use innovation platform for gathering, sorting and choosing the best ideas inside your company. It supports a culture of innovation.

In a disruptive business environment, our tool allows for agility and quick execution of ideation processes. Suitable for all types of employees, it ensures nobody is left with untapped ideas.

The Ideanote platform gathers valuable data, allowing companies to quantify their innovation proces. Get important insights on the innovation process to determine pitfalls and see potential opportunities. All your data is set up in visually appealing graphs, accessible to the ones who needs them. You will also be able to derive data you can use for optimization purposes. What time of the week are your employees most creative?

If you also need to crowdsource ideas from a larger group of stakeholders, our tool is intuitive and simple to use. Naturally, Ideanote is optimized to all devices and browsers, making it flexible and easy-accessible. You can quickly respond, the second an idea comes to your mind. Availability and agility is one of the key factors in achieving successful innovation.

Whether you have a need for new products, new business areas, new ideas for existing portfolios or simply need to improve your ROI in operations, then Ideanote can supply you with the needed tool.

Key Features

  • Idea Management
  • Crowdsourcing



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