What problem do you solve?
Startup and businesses waste time and money on doing wrong work.

What solution(s) does your product offer to solve the problem stated above?
We help product teams: 1) to decide what to build next 2) to align everyone on goals 3) deliver more value to customers and 2x faster

With Hygger you can manage your backlog and prioritize ideas, features and projects to make better product decisions; create and share product roadmaps to align the team on goals; build software using Kanban and Scrum to increase product quality.

Who are you building this product for, what is your target group?
Perfect fit for product teams from Startups to Enterprises who want to deliver more value to their customers.

What is included in Hygger?

Here is the list of Hygger's features:
• Backlog board for collecting and structuring insights, ideas, features, projects, initiatives
• 4 prioritization methods for ranking your ideas, features and projects: 1) value vs efforts, 2) RICE (reach/impact/confidence/efforts, 3) ICE (impact/confidence/ease) and 4) Features Scoring (you can use your own criteria with different weights and scales)
• Roadmap board for planning future releases, projects and initiatives
• Kanban board with WIP limits, swimlanes, sub-columns, time tracking for programmers to work on the Kanban method
• Sprint board, based on Kanban boards, for programmers to work on the Scrum method
• Reports Burndown Chart, Velocity, Time tracking for monitoring the development process
• Versions and releases, version history

Key Features

  • Value vs efforts ideas prioritization
  • RICE features prioritization
  • ICE features prioritization
  • Weighted Scoring features prioritization
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Kanban boards for Agile software development
  • Sprint boards for Agile software development
  • WIP Limits and Swimlanes
  • Version and releases management
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Task Links and Dependancies
  • Priority Matrix (Value/Efforts, Urgent/Important or any custom scales)



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