DealRoom is an project management software that simplifies due diligence and is hosted by a virtual data room. M&A deals are time consuming and resource extensive. DealRoom created a centralized are to request documents, hold secure data and view analytics of the buyers. Finally, an Efficient Way to Complete Due Diligence. Our platform helps you complete due diligence up to 50% faster. Agile M&A: Smarter. Faster. Affordable.

Why Manage M&A the Same Way You Did 20 Years Ago?
Reduce work, track progress and get analytics using centralized project management system so that you can detect problems before they become issues.

DealRoom is 40% faster and up to 50% less expensive than a data room.

Complete Due Diligence with the Requests Tab:
The requests tab helps all team members easily keep track of what needs to be collected, and who is responsible for what.

Stay Organized During Deal Management:
Ask questions, add comments, and assign members throughout the deal’s lifecycle

One Fully Integrated Software:
Due diligence no longer has to be spread out between email, spreadsheets, and a VDR. Everything can be done in the platform.

Management Made Simple:
Track requests’ progress and closely monitor requests marked as priority or high risk.

Useful Buyer Behavior Data:
Predict buyer concerns by analyzing data around requests and documents activity.

Access to In-Depth Analytics:
Insightful analytics can easily be turned into a PDF or Excel for convenient reporting.

Key Features

  • reporting
  • security
  • intuitive
  • project management
  • unlimited data
  • bulk upload
  • drag and drop
  • permissions
  • customer support
  • fast
  • affordable



Pricing model:


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