SYC Tracker


Web-based and self hosted tracker for affiliates and online advertisers.
lifetime license with no monthly or extra fees.
30 Days money back guarantee.
Custom tracking domains.
Geo Tracking.
Mobile tracking.
Keywords and all ad/traffic networks provided tokens tracking.
Landing page view, offer click and conversion tracking.
Third party pixels firing.
Trends and Heat map.
Email follow up tracking.
IP Address tracking.
URL Cloaking feature.
Split test landing pages and offers.
SYC Tracker gives you the ability to completely track and optimize any traffic source.. Pay per click, media buys, facebook ads, cpv and more.
You can track unlimited keywords, ads, pages and offers with all control and flexibility from direct link and landing pages to advanced lead paths and funnels.
SYC Tracker is self-hosted for total data privacy and security.
You can lower your cost with no additional fees for any amount of traffic, leads or conversions you get.
It’s easy to use and integrate with your marketing.
Setup simple and complex campaigns..
Unlimited offers and pages rotation without any coding..
With SYC Tracker, you can setup 6 campaign type to track landing pages, offers, lead capture and optin pages, thank you pages and marketing email messages.
SYC Tracker has built-in Enterprise-Class mobile data with over 30 data points including browser, carrier, content support and device data.
Also, automatic weekly detection update just to make sure that you are always up to date with what’s on the market.
Plus, over 20 conversion revenue metrics and custom tokens for additional data from traffic sources, shopping carts or CRMs.
With true-cache feature along with built-in performance enhancements, you can scale your traffic as you need. That gets SYC Tracker users to run thousands for a day... or million for a day with over a hundred million visits per month.
In SYC Tracker Stats and dashboard, you can view data from multiple prospective..
You can easily filter and customize stats records view..
Also, you can save your favorite stats view for future access with single click.
In addition to full campaign stats, you also have several dedicated pages designed to get and keep information quickly.
The conversions list highlight buyers stat to dig into converting data and make fast embarrassing.
Geo stats identify top performing locations with one click into any location to view its detailed performance report.
Mobile audience filters data to zoom in top performing traits such as data rates, Mobile OS, and the impact they have on the profitability of the campaign.
Time and day trends of heats maps let you actually see day parting opportunity and drill down into the most profitable trends by keywords, pages and offers with just a few clicks.
Visitor stats monitor live visitors cross all campaigns as they arrive with customizable data.
All pixel and postback formats are supported and nested pixel management system to trigger additional third party pixels in your campaigns.
You can track conversions and sales from your own offers and products, affiliates and CPA offers, client offers and more.
The redirects are set to easily segment and redirect visitors based on conditions such as geography, carrier and device.
Internal linking options and the ability to pass and post data allow you to create customize visitor experiences.
Alert profiles help save ad budgets and make optimization pretty easier.
Alert profiles minimize loss and appear in stats.
Create optimization profiles based on your own performance goals to see the actions you should take based on the profiles you created.
This covers some of our primary functions but as you can see SYC Tracker is a great fit for any performance and sales oriented business.
Since 2010 with thousands of users in over 60 countries.
It has been successfully implemented within many different industries and business models including affiliate and performance marketing, Lead Generation, Direct Response Offers Physical and Digital Products Merchants, Digital Service agencies and Brick-and-Mortar businesses from retail stores to professional services.
You will also receive access to our support area and get any help you need through our experienced and professional support team along with knowledgebase, videos and user guide.
And you are covered with a 30 days Money back Guarantee.
Implement SYC Tracker in your market for 30 days and if you are not excited about the result and capabilities, simply contact support team through the helpdesk for your money back.
- Track and Optimize all your campaigns
- Self-hosted for complete data privacy and control
- Lower Operating Costs for any amount of traffic, clicks and conversions
- Easy to use and integrate
- 6 Campaign types with endless variations
- Over 50 data points including Up-to-Date Mobile Data
- Wide range of stats and views to get the data you want easily
- Resources and Experienced support team to get up and running quickly

Key Features

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