Referly is all-in-one referral marketing software that enables e-commerce merchants to easily set up and manage their own automated referral marketing (refer-a-friend) programs.

Referly provides positive word-of-mouth advertising. This leads to increased traffic to the web store, improved brand reputation and higher sales.

The Merchant has the opportunity to link his webshop to Referly. From the Referly backend, the Merchant can create one or more refer-a-friend campaigns, and people participate in these campaigns.

In Referly we distinguish 5 types of users:

• Customers: Customers who bought in the webshop. A customer is always a participant.

• Participants: Anyone imported through a segment in Referly. A participant does not have to be a customer (can).

• Advocates: Participants in Campaigns. Have received an ambassador invite by email. These can be both customers and participants.

• Friends: Have been invited by a lawyer to buy in the webshop, through the referral URL of the advocate.

• Ambassadors: Advocates who have allowed 1 or more friends to make a purchase in the webshop, through their own referral URL.

In this case, the Merchant can make a selection of future customers that meet one or more conditions, for example: a) an order amount higher / lower than € X or b) country is / is not Y. These are called dynamic segments.

For more information about Referly, visit or email our support team at [email protected]

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