RedTrack is advanced affiliate marketing tracking & analytics platform, helping affiliates and media buying teams around the world get higher ROI.

RedTrack is SaaS tracking software for your affiliate and performance marketing campaigns’ optimization and ROI increase. The platform uses machine learning technologies to allow users automate campaigns optimization.

What differs from other tracking solutions?

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It takes a user less than a minute to set up the tracker and about 5 minutes to launch their first ad campaign and start earning money.

Dashboards with in-depth analytics. The real-time analytics and generated reports provide meaningful and deeply detailed data over your ad campaigns and all the traffic sources you use.

Advanced & automated tracking. Algorithms automatically evaluate and analyze the performance of your ad campaigns and determine which settings combinations are working and which are not. It frees the users from constant manual checking how their ads are performing.

Redtrack provides robust performance tracking at a low total cost of ownership. And it is FREE if you are sending less than 50 000 clicks per month.
4 subscription plans are also available:

Starter plan: $29/momnth
Professional plan: $79/month
Business plan: $339/month
Enterprise plan: $939/month

There is also an opportunity to opt for a custom subscription.

Managing advertising campaigns isn’t easy, but tracking them should be.

Key Features

  • Fast click redirects
  • Advanced analytics and instant reports
  • Custom dashboard and easy-to-use interface
  • Automatic offer integration through CPAPI
  • Machine learning based smart links optimization



Starting from:
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
Lige-long free trial with less than 50,000 clicks/month


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