We provide performance tracking solution for your digital Ads network. Offer18 is a top class performance tracking technology for creating your own Digital Marketing Campaign/Offers Network and track traffic. It supports Advertisers, Agencies, and Ad Networks for a customized product.
Offer18 is a campaigns performance tracking platform designed to help track online offers/campaigns in different categories and models, including CPA, CPC, CPL, CPI, CPS, CPV, CPL and CPM etc. We are providing a platform to run campaign/offers online, track performance, ROI, and much more.
Our platform is easy to manage with its user-friendly interface, easy to integrate with 3rd party systems. Offer18 provide faster tracking, take less time to redirect and track 20 different endpoints.Offer18 is one of the few affiliate solution providers who always takes care of the client’s comfort and analyzes all information efficiently and effortlessly. So it’s a time to grasp the proper affiliate tracking application to expand your online business significantly.
It's a cost-effective solution for your Digital Ad Network. 30 Days Trial on every signup. In our trial period, you will have free, unlimited power to all functionalities of Offer18 Platform. After Trial Period, you will get the Best Plans as compared to the market pricing.

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Key Features

  • 99.999% up time.
  • Smart Link with Re-targeting feature available.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • GEO, ISP, Browser, Device, OS, IP etc. Targeting and Tracking available.
  • Country-based payout tier.
  • Multiple Pricing Models (CPA, CPC, CPL, CPI, CPS, CPV, CPL, CPM, etc for affiliate and advertiser).
  • Multiple Offer Currency support (INR, USD, EUR, etc. with live exchange rates).
  • Fallback available (to Convert/Divert out of target (wasted) traffic).
  • The Offer sync API feature that will help you to get multiple offers from your advertiser in a single click
  • Advance Multiple Events for Post back (App Install, Signup, Register, Uninstall, etc).
  • Offer Budget/Conversion Capping available, affiliate wise capping also available.
  • Multiple employees access.
  • Invoice creation for Advertiser and Affiliate also available.
  • Our platform is focused on Low-Cost & Fastest Response Time for click processing (only 0.0005 seconds).
  • Fraud detection and many more....



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