Everflow is the next generation of Performance Marketing Platforms. Performance marketers have always needed platform solutions for managing their publisher partners and campaigns. While the industry has grown sophisticated around KPI expectations, and fighting rampant fraud, older platforms haven't kept up with the solutions needed to address these concerns. Everflow was built to solve these needs:

1) Performance needs to be managed on a placement level, not publisher level.
2) Fraud needs to be prevented before it reaches advertisers, not just measured.
3) Campaigns can reach billions of daily clicks, and platforms need to seamlessly handle that scale.
4) 24/7 Live Chat Support is needed, marketers can’t afford to wait days to hear back from an support email. 5) Optimization at scale, needs to include automation.
5) Migrating your Setup is painless with no data Loss
6) GDPR Ready - We provide full functionality for obscuring all privacy data to help you be fully compliant

Competitive Landscape:
Both the Mobile and Desktop Markets have established players. The problem is that they have failed to innovate and keep up with technological change and market sophistication, leading to deeply dissatisfied customers.

Everflow’s Founders are serial entrepreneurs, that sold their Ad Network to Opera/AdColony. They built Everflow to solve the personal problems they experienced as a network.

We have the advantage of coming in later, with superior technology framework built on top of the Google Cloud environment.

Key Features

  • Speed at Scale: Built on the Google Cloud
  • Granularity: Breakdown data by any metric
  • Control: Platform Blocking of Placements
  • Fraud Prevention: Block bad clicks before they reach the advertiser
  • Support: 24/7 Livechat Support in-platform
  • Automation: Auto-optimization of campaigns
  • Open API with Clean Documentation
  • Dashboard Snapshot of Overall Performance
  • Reporting makes it easy to track Installs separately from Events
  • Better pricing than legacy performance marketing platforms
  • Custom Alerts make it easy to keep on top of all of your traffic



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