Clickky is a full-stack platform for mobile advertisers and publishers, which offers programmatic, performance and video solutions. Currently, Clickky focuses on the development of its own SSP and RTB Marketplace. Created in 2010, the company is now represented by a team of more than 90 professionals and operates five offices around the globe: New York, Beijing, Delhi, Moscow and Odessa.

Clickky’s CPI AdExchange is the biggest automated marketplace for mobile advertisers and publishers, which operates 30,000 offers from premium partners daily. Thanks to the integration via API, publishers can easily access the live feed of offers. Advertisers can launch campaigns automatically and reach hundreds of traffic sources at the same time.

For CPI campaigns, Clickky also offers Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers, where advertisers can create campaigns and launch them immediately, with the full control over the management and optimization and with no need to wait for the assistance of a manager.

For clients that operate big budgets, Clickky assigns experienced team of managers, responsible for delivering traffic and achieving advertisers’ goals. Publishers can request offers via Clickky’s Affiliate Network.

In addition to performance solutions, Clickky also offers a range of programmatic products both for demand and supply side of the market. The company is focused on running its Supply-Side Platform and programmatic exchange RTB Marketplace.

For video advertising partners, Clickky’s platform provides video distribution and monetization in all geos and across desktop and mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Supply-Side Platform
  • RTB Marketplace
  • Self-serve platform for advertisers
  • AdExchange
  • Managed Services
  • Video Solution
  • Smartlink solution



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