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Founded in 1998, MatchCraft, LLC is a global provider of search, display, and social marketing technology, with offices in Santa Monica, California; Leiden, Netherlands, Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Mumbai, India. MatchCraft provides technology and expertise to the largest number of Google PSP Partners globally.

MatchCraft provides a technology platform that enables companies to sell and manage search campaigns for their clients, most of which are local merchants in different parts of the world.

MatchCraft also has a proprietary keyword library and ad copy database built around the marketing needs of local businesses.

AdVantage Search is a platform for companies that sell and manage search, display, and social marketing campaigns for local businesses. Its powerful bidding algorithms improve performance and deliver exceptional ROI to merchants around the world.

AdVantage Remarketing gives advertisers the opportunity to connect with their website visitors as they continue to travel around the internet. Our "tagless" remarketing solution simplifies the technological requirements for advertisers, making it easy for local business to use this highly effective advertising method.

AdVantage Facebook simplifies the Facebook Advertising experience by merging the platform into a single view for easy monitoring and reporting, providing built-in, top-of-the-line automatic optimization for all campaigns, ads, and ad sets that a merchant may be running on Facebook.

AdVantage Display uses targeted display ads to build top-of-mind awareness with consumers as they navigate the web. This solution reaches an estimated 90% of global online internet users and offers advertisers at any budget level enterprise-level programmatic bid management to maximize each ad's conversion potential.

AdVisor is comprehensive keyword and ad copy library supports more than 24 languages and dialects. Refined over more than a decade, AdVisor provides the essential building blocks for local business search campaigns in any industry.

Our NameLock product protects a merchant's name from competitive poaching by ensuring they appear at or near the top of the search results when their hard-earned customers and coveted referrals are looking for them.

The MatchCraft Help Center serves as an easy to use, centralized platform to answer questions relating to AdVantage and its functions, give users direct access to downloadable content such as step-by-step tutorials of the platform, new product updates/releases and industry developments.

Key Features

  • Search, Display, Remarketing and Social Advertising
  • Bid & Budget Management
  • Diagnostics and Disapprovals
  • Global Estimator Tool
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Campaign Setup & Provisioning
  • Call Tracking & Reverse Proxy
  • Keyword & Ad Copy Library
  • Customizable Online Reporting Dashboard & Monthly Report Emails
  • NameLock



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