ATOMIZED is Marketing Visualization & Collaboration software for brand and agency teams.

Core functions of the platform: Staging, Planning and Workflow.

"We make visual marketing calendars for brands and agencies. Whether you’re working on an editorial calendar, marketing communications calendar, brand planning calendar or publishing calendar, we’ve got you covered. Forget the spreadsheets and workarounds for creative reviews and campaign planning. It’s time to give your content a new home!"

Total Visibility
See the whole picture, all channels
See the actual content that’s scheduled to go live… not just text in Excel
Ensure your brand story is consistent across all channels

Use filters to create specific views to organize content by status, brand, channel, campaign, and more

Share filtered calendars with internal departments, distributors, franchisees and partners to allow full resolution content distribution. That means less email and clunky Box links.

Load briefs, strategic marketing plans, storytelling docs and media buys directly into the calendar so that your teams, partners and agencies are all on the same page.

SMS, Email, Slack, and more
Stop using Email, screen captures and PPT’s

File Formats
Easily drag & drop images, text, video, and more for quick and easy comparisons. Dynamic content is also supported.

Manage the entire creative lifecycle.

Invite individuals or groups into calendars to collaborate
Audit trail of all asset activity
Creative sandbox to proof, review and approve assets

Cloud Based
Access anywhere and from any device.

ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, FEDRamp, ISO 9001, DoD CSM certified. Your CTO will love all the stats from our hosting partner, Amazon Web Services.

Digital Asset Management
One central repository for all your creative assets
Version control

Connect Your Applications
Now that you can edit your marketing calendar online, it’s time to connect your other software and activities across teams. Already have one of these systems in place that your team loves? No problem- we’ll connect to it!
Connect DAM systems to allow assets to flow freely to the calendar
Connect Workflow tools to ensure status synchronization
Connect Social tools to enable publishing calendar visibility
Connect Email Automation tools to provide email campaign visibilty
And so many more. If it has a friendly API, link it up!

Key Features

  • Marketing Calendars
  • Campaign Staging
  • Marketing Visualization Presentation Mode
  • Approvals
  • Workflow Management
  • Asset & Resource Management
  • Brand Planning
  • Exporting and Reporting
  • Custom Views
  • API Connection
  • SOC2 Compliant



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