App Samurai


App Samurai is a mobile advertising platform that allows app developers and high growth companies to create, manage, and measure mobile ad campaign in order to acquire qualified users.

Mobile ad planning, execution and analysis are complicated for startups because they cannot reach all available app marketing tools. App Samurai makes it easy for them without requiring in-depth mobile advertising knowledge!

Via App Samurai, by just signing up, you can follow all important metrics like category ranking to watch your startup’s improvement in the app stores. It will be your third eye in stores, giving you strength when faced with this harsh competition. You can also track your competitors’ positions in the race through important metrics. Sign up for free and track all important metrics for your app.

By adding your third party tool, you can create the best and most optimized ad spending plan and track every significant key metrics! You will have the privilege of measuring campaign performance with the major metrics and optimize app marketing budget.

This will help you to eliminate ineffective channels and spend less to hit your marketing goals. Just give access to your attribution tools and get actionable campaign offers!

You have 3 effective mobile ad formats to create within seconds in App Samurai dashboard.

BOOST CAMPAIGNS: Give a chance to your app to see its potential at the top! Create your first boost campaign and reach the success your app deserves.

ACQUISITION CAMPAIGNS: Acquire highly engaged users by creating user acquisition campaigns within seconds and track industry specific metrics to measure ROI.

VIDEO CAMPAIGNS: Reach millions of potential users with highly effective video campaigns and increase your app downloads without a moment to spare.

Key Features

  • Track In-App Events on One Dashboard
  • Track App Store Performance for Free
  • Reach Your Goals with Ad Campaigns
  • Get Unique Recommendations



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