RetainAR is software AND service that allows law firms to offer internal payment plans with minimal risk and effort. The law firm collects a small down payment at the time of consultation and then RetainAR collects the remaining balance plus fees and interest over time. The law firm keeps all of the interest that is collected. Most traditional lenders base their approval decision solely on the customers credit score in which 50% of customers get declined and cannot qualify. These traditional lenders also charge a discount fee (sometimes very substantial) to the law firm that is deducted from sales proceeds and the lender keeps all of the interest. RetainAR is typically used as a financing option when traditional finance programs decline a client. This allows your clients to retain your firm that day, generates additional income with the interest you collect over the term of the contract, and helps you acquire a new, loyal client.

Our team handles all verification, billing, processing fees, collection efforts and most importantly - the law firm keeps all of the interest that is collected from their clients. We also provide a detailed reporting portal to track all analytics and payment status. Rather than you and/or your office staff sending out collection notices and making collection calls, RetainAR will pay your firm (in interest earned) to manage the dirty work of internal payment plans!

Our technology is currently used by several business types across multiple industries and is more commonly known as InStore Finance. We have been working with law firms since early 2015 and after tremendous feedback from legal professionals, we decided to re-brand the platform and RetainAR was born!

Key Features

  • Back Office Dashboard & Online Applications
  • Contracts and amortization charts for each Consumer
  • Monthly billing and payment processing for Consumers
  • Answering Consumer phone calls and inquiries
  • Collections for delinquent Consumer accounts
  • Underwriting criteria, program rules, and program administration
  • Email, phone and training support for Law Firm
  • Monthly reports on your Consumer payment activity
  • Law Firm KEEPS The Interest!
  • Online access to your Consumer accounts and activity



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