Has your business lost control of accounts receivable? Late paying customers killing your cash flow? Then you need Invoiced, a modern billing system that gives you billing super powers. Invoiced automates the most tedious billing tasks, like sending out invoices on time, following up with late paying customers, and reconciling incoming invoice payments. We also help businesses tackle more complex billing processes, like recurring billing and payment plans.

Automate Invoice-to-Cash:
The introduction of online payments has drastically increased the speed of business today. But, not all companies are taking advantage of it - many are still stuck in the stone age of paper invoicing and mailed payments.

Those mailed payments really put the onus on customers. They’ve got to dig out their checkbook, write a check, mail it to you AND pay for postage. No one has time for that anymore.

And to top that off, it takes a long time to get paid this way! From the date you mail the invoice to the date you receive the check, you’re looking at close to a month round-trip - if your customer pays on time.

It’s time to move your business into the 20th century with fast, convenient online payments. Invoiced’s Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) platform offers a wide variety of payment options to make paying online simple and fast.

Recurring Billing:
Everyone is jumping on the subscription bandwagon, and it’s easy to see why. The vast majority of businesses sell products or services that fit the subscription model. And who wouldn’t want a predictable source of recurring revenue?

Managing the recurring billing process behind the scenes is another matter entirely. It might seem straightforward to begin with, but introducing any level of customization immediately throws a wrench in things.

Invoiced has you covered. We’ve built recurring billing processes directly into our cloud billing system. We even sync the invoices and payments produced by our recurring billing system into QuickBooks for you.

Payment Plans:
In our modern world, people need products and services that they can’t pay for upfront. College tuition, cars, and houses are all pretty big expenditures that wouldn’t be possible without the option to pay in installments.

Sometimes money is short for smaller expenditures too, like healthcare and legal services. Would you go to a doctor without insurance, knowing that you couldn’t pay? Or a lawyer with high hourly or flat fees? Probably not - unless you knew you could pay in increments.

Invoiced offers payment plans as part of our cloud-based invoicing platform. Set up happens right in our web interface, with a host of customization options to help you build a payment plan that meets the needs of each customer.

Customer Portal:
Customers today expect a 360-degree digital experience. Consider yourself as an example: how many businesses do you interact with that don’t have an online presence? You can probably count them on two hands.

For the most part, businesses have gone digital and are meeting those customer expectations - except in the realm of corporate billing. A lack of digital presence in invoicing can have wide-ranging impacts - poor brand perception, reduced customer satisfaction, and eventually lost sales.

Sadly, many businesses still treat invoicing as a low priority. They take high volumes of payment-related phone calls, run credit card payments manually, and spend countless hours tracking down late payments. If only they could give their customers the tools to pay on their own terms.

The Invoiced customer portal allows businesses a gateway for customers to quickly and easily pay bills, monitor balances, manage subscriptions, and update personal information. All these functions come wrapped in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Benefits of Invoiced:
Get Paid Today: Accept online invoice payments with Invoiced, including direct debit, credit cards, payment plans, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more. Businesses that accept direct debit or credit card payments get paid 12 to 16 days faster, on average.

Minimize Late Payers: Invoiced politely follows up with customers so that you don’t have to! Early payment discounts and late fees encourage timely payments. Businesses that use our chasing feature get paid 8 days faster, on average.

Customer Portal: Give your customers an online space where they can securely view and pay invoices from you. The customer portal helps you cut down on trivial inquiries, like “can you resend that invoice?” or “how do I pay?”.

Key Features

  • Get paid faster, up to 14 days faster on average
  • Reduce time spent on billing
  • Streamline collections
  • Minimize late payers
  • Customer portal
  • Accept direct debit and credit card payments
  • Recurring billing
  • Payment plans



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