Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll

Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll
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Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll is an online payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses. With cloud-based and pay as you go pricing, Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll offers a real value-for-money proposition with advanced features like custom deductions and earnings definitions, employee hours importing from the spreadsheet or time-clock reports, handling up to 99 departments with one instance and calculating paystubs on monthly and hourly bases.

Set up your company in a matter of minutes
1. Create your company with minimum requirements like the company’s name, address, Federal Account No. etc.
2. Choose the direct deposit option and enter your bank and business information to process your employee pay cheques and tax payments.
3. Set up for up to 99 departments and job titles.
4. Loaded with the latest tax tables and legislative updates. One-click option for loading the latest tax values
5. Easily edit provincial WSIB and EHT values and much more.

Add employees just like a breeze
1. Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll allows you to add or edit employees easily with just a few steps.
2. Add, manage and edit unlimited employees.
3. Import employees in .CSV or SimpleText format.
4. Set up employees’ personal, wage and tax information with ease and much more.

Process Payroll like never before
1. Enter employee hours in a spreadsheet-style window.
2. Imports/exports hours from a text file, .CSV file or time clock.
3. Pay your employees through direct deposit and much more

Generate reports at your fingertips
1. Export reports in .CSV or plain text files.
2. Create and print T4 and RL-1 forms.
3. Generate T4 summary and T4 XML file for e-filing.
4. Generate EI and QPIP deduction report.
5. Allows user to distribute employee hours or wages by department.
6. Tax breakdown by individual department for posting summary and much more.

Key Features

  • Multiple pay frequencies
  • Additional earnings, deductions and benefits
  • Simple integrations
  • Hourly and salary payroll
  • Complete payroll preview functionality
  • Free direct deposit
  • T4 and RL-1 reports
  • Automatic backups
  • Free support
  • 100% secure and encrypted
  • Access your payroll data 24/7
  • Simple and easy interface



Starting from:
$2 per employee
Pricing model:


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