Accurants is complete small business accounting software. The biggest advantage of Accurants is, it's a cloud based software which means there is no installation and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Accurants comes with multiple modules like Invoice management, Accounting, Time Tracker, Project management, Expenses management, Customer Relationship Management, Taxes, Email marketing, and Payroll management. All these modules are program perfectly to work independently as well as multiple combination.

Accurants also has User management which let you control the activities of the software. Users includes Super Admin- Has access to all the module and can create Users, Administrator- some one has complete access to all the modules, Managers – Add projects, approve/reject time sheets & expense reports, Employees – can only few function such as complete tasks or fill out time sheet or create invoices, Customers – limited access if the customers want to get a list of invoices, Accountants – your account allows 2 FREE Accountants to login & access your account.

Accurants has number competitive advantage over many of the software available in the market in terms of price, features, usability and, flexibility. The look n feel of our software is not very different from other cloud-based software products that provide services such as Google – Gmail, google drive or iCloud etc. The Accounting lingo/jargons used in our software package are identical/similar to what is generally used by other Accounting software packages.

Key Features

  • Online Accounting
  • Invoice Management
  • Project management
  • CRM
  • Payroll



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