Workteam Time & Attendance manages all your employee time off and can keep track of hours worked. Through a self service portal, employees can request time off and overtime, based on configurable policies and managers can approve. It's simple and intuitive. Workteam can also prompt employees to submit a weekly timesheet to record the hours they have worked each week.

Track employee time-off effectively
Workteam provides effective tracking of all types of employee time-off, including paid time off and sickness.

Employees can request time off and managers can authorise their requests with just two clicks.

Keep employees aware of team time off
Unawareness of colleagues' planned time off can significantly hamper productivity within a team.

Workteam provides secured access to team calendars and notifies employees in advance if any of their colleagues are about to take time off.

Flexible time-off policies
Workteam lets you configure time off policies that match exactly how your organization operates.

You can specify:
• The number of paid days vacation
• Whether employees can take half days
• Whether employees are entitled to more paid time off with increased tenure
• How time off is accrued
• Whether time off is recorded in hours and minutes or full and half days
• Whether employees can take time off before they have accrued it
• Whether employees can carry over unused days to the following time off year
• How many days they can carry over and for how long after the end of the time off year

It can be configured to handle both regular-hours and irregular-hours workers, optionally handling time-off requests down to just 5 minute durations.

Timesheets for irregular hours workers
Simple, intuitive timesheets, which make it easy for your hourly-based staff to submit their hours each week for managerial approval.

Integration with the time-off and overtime features ensures that time off and overtime are accurately represented on the timesheet, with minimal scope for user error.

Key Features

  • Self service portal for requesting and approving time off
  • Employee & team time off calendars
  • Supports vacation, sickness and all other time off types
  • Configurable time off policies
  • Supports day-based or hour-based time off
  • Optional overtime policy
  • Timesheets for recording employee hours



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