LeaveWizard is an online platform that is designed specifically to improve the process of booking, approving and managing absence and annual leave. We believe that being able to easily see all upcoming leave, allows management to be more productive in manpower planning. With this in mind, we have created a visual dashboard, for all levels of user that shows all pending leave requests, remaining holiday entitlement and any absence recorded. This, in turn, will increase staff & employee satisfaction at work, as their annual leave requests can be managed quickly and efficiently.

Our powerful reporting tools will allow you to extract key information to understand leave and absence within your organisation. You can easily see the financial impact of any absence recorded, allowing for structured and resilient data reporting. Other reports can aid you in spotting any patterns of absence or annual leave that might affect the business, as well as reporting against external indicators, such as the Bradford Factor, to manage sickness records. For the employee, there is an automated email allowance report which reminds them of their remaining allowances, encouraging them to use it.

LeaveWizard can automate a number of processes and calculations to free up your time while giving you the confidence that the numbers always add up. Our configuration tools allow you to ensure your organisation's process and policies are being followed and every employee gets their correct allowance. Our system can handle even the most complicated scenarios with variety of work patterns, different leave years, overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) plus several carry over strategies.

Key Features

  • leave management
  • staff holidays
  • absence tracking
  • overtime management
  • time off in lieu
  • advanced reporting
  • public holidays
  • flexible work patterns
  • time logging
  • restricted periods
  • leave restrictions
  • two levels of approval



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