SaaSGenius News Digest October 28, 2022

Squaretalk selects AWS as a Strategic Cloud Provider in the US

Strategic Cloud Provider

This new week, Salesforce is taking center stage with its new collaboration with Squaretalk.

Squaretalk is a major cloud center software provider, and it just announced that it would start operating in AWS Regions in the U.S. next month. Together, they will enable large US enterprises and BPOs to scale rapidly, with thousands of agents communicating simultaneously with their customers via calls and messaging.

So, what’s in it for Squaretalk customers, you ask?

Simple – smoother CX and performance efficiency.

Squaretalk’s decision to use AWS reflects its commitment to delivering the most innovative and reliable cloud solutions for organizations managing local and remote contact centers.

Now, American customers and partners of Squaretalk can benefit from a higher answer ratio, faster reporting, CNAM features, and high-class interconnect across America.

AWS plays an important role in enhancing the customer experience of Squaretalk users. Squaretalk can now broaden its connectivity ecosystem and offer remarkable customer and agent experiences across different channels in a single environment. 

This design-build-run strategy provides Squaretalk’s customers with a blueprint for success, enabling them to quickly and seamlessly build and deploy critical business capabilities in the cloud.

Great collaboration, we must say!

Do you want to know?

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AWS Announces Amazon Neptune Serverless

AWS seems to be making power moves this week, as they again have another major announcement.

The powerhouse announced a new serverless option – Amazon Neptune Serverless – that automatically scales to support unpredictable and business-critical graph database workloads.

For companies like LexisNexis Legal & Professional, Snap, and Wiz, the Amazon Neptune is a great option as it provides fast, reliable, and fully managed service that makes building and running of applications that need a graph database to efficiently store and query complex and highly connected much easier.

Amazon Neptune Serverless includes Amazon Neptune’s advanced capabilities for high availability, performance, and resiliency.

If you’re wondering if you have to pay for this new service, then you should know that there are no upfront commitments or additional costs to use Amazon Neptune Serverless, and customers only pay for the database resources used.

Salesforce Releases new data platform, Genie

Away from AWS, Salesforce also has interesting news, too.

In an effort to solve one of the biggest problems facing customers who use its customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce has rolled out a new product called Genie.

It’s all about bringing data together from various sources, both internal and external, and making it easier to act upon it quickly. The new data integration model underlies the entire Salesforce platform with the aim of moving data wherever it’s needed most — and doing it fast.

Companies like Ford, L’Oreal, Formula 1®, and PGA TOUR Superstore are already using Salesforce Genie to reinvent how they connect with customers, delivering real-time, personalized customer experiences at hyper scale that feel like magic!

Microsoft launches new tool to defend SMBs from DDoS attacks

Microsoft is again putting its customers first, as it announced a new cyber security tool this week.

The software giant has launched Azure DDoS IP Protection, an enterprise-grade DDoS protection, and a new SKU of Azure DDoS Protection solution for small and medium businesses in preview on the Microsoft Azure Preview portal.

The launch was announced in a company blog by Amir Dahan, Senior Product Manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft, and it’s aimed at protecting small businesses that typically lack the budget and qualified staff to defend against DDoS attacks.

DDoS IP Protection provides SMBs the same essential capabilities as Azure DDoS Network Protection to protect their Azure resources and applications against evolving DDoS attacks.

Sigstore launches free software signing and verification service for open source projects

Sigstore, an open-source project, has become somewhat of a standard for signing, verifying and protecting software projects in the last few years. It’s garnered support from the likes of Google, GitHub, Chainguard, and RedHat,

Adding to its laudable caps, it’s announced the general availability of its free software signing service for open-source projects. Sigstore is already one of the fastest-adopted open-source projects ever, with more than 4 million signatures logged so far, including both Kubernetes and Python community members.

The Sigstore community now promises a 99.5% uptime and pager support which is more than most free projects can offer.

Adobe reveals the first change coming to Figma post acquisition

Since Adobe’s acquisition of Figma earlier this year, we’ve all been wondering about the looming transformation of our favorite design platform.

Adobe has now revealed what the first plan is.

At this year’s Adobe MAX conference in LA, Adobe shared some new details on the merge and announced that the first tangible change to Figma will be the much-requested addition of Adobe Fonts.

Adobe’s CPO, Scott Belsky, also announced that the merge would help the platform build way faster, and rely on Adobe’s expertise in areas like vector and video to add more functionality to the web-based browser.

Heads Up!

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Google Chat is getting Slack’s most important feature

Collaborative communication tools are important because they allow us to do our jobs more efficiently, and Google Chat’s new update is an exciting one that cuts through that criteria.

Google Chat is now adopting what might be the single most important feature Slack has to offer: support for custom emojis.

Google is bringing a level of customizability to Chat by allowing teams to set up custom Chat emojis. Although there are still a few restrictions, like it being restricted to only Workspace customers, it is still a laudable addition.

The controls start arriving this week, and end users will begin getting access to the feature in November.

Iris software group acquires myPay solutions

Finally this week, IRIS acquired a top-rated online payroll processing service, myPay.

IRIS is a leading global software provider of accountancy solutions that helps firms grow their business and establish better client relationships while making data security, compliance, and customer experience a top priority.

Currently, myPay Solutions provides comprehensive outsourced payroll and associated banking and tax services via CPA firms to small and medium-sized businesses across all 50 states in the United States. On the other hand, IRIS is already the provider of choice for accounting firms across the Americas, including 52 of the top 100 US CPA firms.

This acquisition surely enhances its ability to help any sized accountancy firm achieve its full potential while scaling as its business grows.

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